November 27, 2015 | by Xavi Beumala

Marfeel Certified by Google as a Multi-Screen Vendor

The ad-optimized mobile solution by Marfeel has officially been certified and recommended by Google

Barcelona, December 22, 2014 – MARFEEL is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by Google as a recommended vendor for optimizing websites for smooth functionality across all devices. MARFEEL is certified by Google for the state-of-the-art mobile design it gives its partners, the speed and SEO optimization of their sites, the user experience and the overall value of the service.

Everyone is talking about the importance of mobile. Google last month announced “mobile-friendly” labels on mobile search results. And now they are recommending companies like MARFEEL that have shown leadership in the industry of mobile design. Google recommends MARFEEL because it makes the web work better. The mobile experience it provides reduces load times, improves search rankings and delivers a user experience that is intuitive and smooth.

The recommendation is also an endorsement of the power of MARFEEL’s business model. In a market where mobile design has become very expensive and time consuming, MARFEEL offers its service to publishers and professional bloggers without cost and virtually overnight. MARFEEL powers a design layout engine to convert websites quickly and efficiently and shares ad revenue from the enhanced mobile design.

The web is going mobile and Marfeel has the capacity to make a tremendous impact on the design of the web. Since last year MARFEEL with its partners has gone from 40 million readers to over 500 million readers and from 300 million page views to over 2 billion. With this endorsement from Google MARFEEL’s team of 22 is looking forward in 2015 to closing a Series B round and being an even stronger player in mobilizing the web.

Xavi Beumala, co-founder & CEO of MARFEEL, says: “We are thrilled to be on such good terms with Google and are honored to have been designated a recommended vendor. What does this mean for Marfeel? Confirmation that we are doing things right and how much potential we have to contribute towards a more mobile-friendly ecosystem.”

Juan I. Margenat, co-founder & COO of MARFEEL, added “Our investors are behind us, all our clients and partners are behind us and now Google is behind us. Our future is laid out in front of us. We plan to be the brand that publishers and professional bloggers think of when they want mobile design, engagement and greater revenue.”

About Marfeel

Based in Barcelona and founded in 2011 by Xavi Beumala and Juan I. Margenat, the company has been through a €1,6M Series A round with top European VCs: Nauta Capital, Elaia Partners and BDMI along with Wayra. Marfeel partners with major publications and professional blogs worldwide including top brands such as Woven Digital, The Daily Caller and

Marfeel helps publishers and bloggers boost reader engagement and monetize traffic with ad-optimized mobile design. Major publications all over the world use Marfeel’s mobile experience to increase page views, reading time and social sharing and to earn greater revenue from their content. The state-of-the-art interface maximizes the impact of the publication, minimizes the complexity of the user experience and achieves best ad positioning. The experience is intuitive and smooth allowing readers to swipe and flip their way through the content. Optimize your website for free with smooth functionality across all devices and see how your revenue grows.