March 3, 2016 | by Xavi Beumala

Marfeel Unveils Game-Changing AMP Compatibility Technology at Mobile World Congress 2016

Historical Archives, Current and Future Publisher Content are Instantly SEO-Optimized

Barcelona, Spain – Feb. 22, 2016 –-Marfeel, a mobile ad technology provider that’s revolutionizing the way publishers create, optimize, and monetize mobile websites, is introducing an out-of-the-box solution for mobile publishers, shortening publishers’ time-to-market for Google’s newly introduced AMP technology and adding on a deep link capability, pushing visitor traffic directly to the publisher’s own site. The mobile tech leader is the first to announce its own answer to the complexity of implementing Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which can be implemented into publishers’ mobile sites in a matter of minutes. With that one step all articles on a publisher’s web properties, including historical archives as well as current and future content, are instantly optimized for mobile devices, allowing for these to be presented over Google’s new search-result carousel —dramatically improving mobile site speed, search-ability and SEO results, while pushing visitor traffic into publishers’ own mobile properties.

Mobile web publishers recognize that users expect pages to load instantly; industry research indicates that as load times approach 10 seconds nearly 60 percent of viewers move on rather than wait. But the difficult process of implementing the newly released AMP technology is prohibitively labor-intensive for most publishers. Now Marfeel can resolve that dilemma for its customers in a matter of minutes, according to co-founder and COO Juan Margenat. “From this point on any mobile publisher will automatically become AMP-compatible with just the implementation of a small line of code into their properties,” he explains. “Marfeel will implement this new feature for all current customers, improving their search-ability and SEO from day one, adding on to Marfeel’s 360 complete mobile solution; future customers joining Marfeel will be AMP-compatible by implementing Marfeel’s own mobile website conversion technology. Publishers won’t need to use their own internal resources to gain the benefits of Google’s new solution.”

Marfeel’s new AMP technology removes all existing obstacles to implementing accelerated mobile pages. That is, without the Marfeel solution publishers are required to create and maintain duplicate HTML versions of their original pages, built to specific guidelines, in order to make their archived, current and future articles AMP-ready, one by one. On top of that, each change to an article code needs to be adjusted multiple times, addressing traditional publishers’ diverse usage of myriad of different CMS systems (WordPress, Joomla, in-house, and others). Many publishers have stated that they lack the resources for this time-consuming process, and would therefore make only limited older and future content AMP-compatible.

PopSugar (US), (Spain), Dennis Publishing (U.K.) and M6 (France) are among the first Marfeel customers scheduled to launch the new solution, with Dennis Publishing leading the way. “Publishers are putting significant efforts into speeding up their mobile properties, hence our work with the Marfeel solution. AMP is addressing this need by fulfilling users’ demand for instantaneous search results that provide quick article loading; considering user experience as our top priority, Dennis Publishing is taking part in Google’s new initiative and are keen to see how Marfeel will be supporting us in this area,” says Pete Wootton, Managing Director at Dennis Digital.

AMP compatibility will help publishers enhance their search engine optimization results since Google takes site speed into account when ranking site pages. Moreover, Marfeel’s HTML formats will add on to this new offering by enabling deep linking into the publisher’s actual mobile properties, moving traffic beyond the search results and directly over to publishers’ websites. This boosts publishers’ engagement metrics and gives them access to valuable user data that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Marfeel also plans to include compatibility solutions to support Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News in the near future.

About Marfeel

Marfeel is an ad tech platform that revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize and monetize mobile websites. Marfeel’s proprietary technology analyzes publishers’ unique audience—user habits, behavior and usage patterns—and dynamically adjusts the mobile site layout to maximize readership, engagement, page views, loading time, and ultimately ad revenue. Marfeel’s exclusive partnerships with over 20,000 global ad networks and exchanges ensures top-paying ads from premium advertisers. Marfeel’s mobile website conversion and monetization solution has been recognized by Google, forming a strategic partnership with the search engine. Selected Marfeel customers include: MensHealth (FR), National Geographic (FR), Dennis Publishing (US/UK), Elle (MX), ABC (US) and PopSugar (US). Marfeel is backed by strategic investors Nauta Capital, BDMI and Elaia Partners.

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