April 12, 2016 | by Xavi Beumala

Technology Leader Marfeel Announces Immediate Support for Facebook Instant Articles

Mobile Solution Allows Publishers’ Web Content to Appear Instantly As New Technology Becomes Publically Available

Barcelona, Spain – April 12, 2016 – Marfeel, a mobile ad technology provider that’s revolutionizing the way publishers create, optimize, and monetize mobile websites, has enhanced its mobile technology with immediate support for Instant Articles, Facebook’s answer to the problem of slow-loading web pages. Marfeel customers can implement the unique solution across all of their mobile sites within minutes, to instantly optimize their complete catalog of published content—past, present, and future—for Facebook-native distribution. Aimed at improving overall mobile web performance and monetization, the Marfeel solution enables Facebook users to view content within the social network much faster, solving a long-time frustration point for mobile users and representing the latest in a string of developments added to Marfeel’s 360-degree mobile solution for publishers.

Marfeel introduced its Google-compatible AMP technology in February during Mobile World Congress 2016. Its AMP technology focuses on mobile performance, publishers’ brand equity, and monetization optimization within Google’s new solution, and removes the heavy development burden that AMP had previously imposed on mobile publishers. The company has since become an official collaborator on the Google AMP Project.

Marfeel had successfully solved lagging page load issues for its customers before Instant Articles and Google’s AMP were introduced, providing its publishers with significantly faster page loads, improved mobile performance, and record-breaking monetization results. The company’s existing technology complements the new Facebook and Google solutions and eliminates the complexities of implementing the two new solutions for its customers. With the addition of this new element to its comprehensive mobile solution, Marfeel covers all social media and search traffic for publishers as well as their direct traffic. Further, the Marfeel solution adds new UX elements to both solutions that will maximize user conversion rates.

Industry research has shown that 47 percent of consumers expect two-second page loads on their mobile devices—and 40 percent lose interest if a site fails to load in three seconds. Until now, eliminating the cause of viewers’ impatience has been considered a long and costly process. Marfeel offers quick and pain-free implementation of its solution, enabling publishers to make their websites faster, monetization-driven, and instantly compatible with both Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s AMP technology today.

“We’re rolling out our Facebook-compatible technology to both new and existing clients as an out-of-the-box solution that works automatically across all of their platforms and apps,” Marfeel co-founder and COO Juan Margenat explains. “We’ve seen a tremendous shift in the content-publishing industry, and Facebook is clearly now established as a relevant source of mobile traffic for our clients. In some cases, Facebook even surpasses organic search as a source of traffic. Recognizing the quality of those users, we’ve put tremendous effort into simplifying the implementation process for our clients. They can make their mobile pages available through Facebook’s new solution with just a few clicks on their official page, expanding their reach to wider audiences.”

Marfeel is committed to maximizing publishers’ monetization, maintaining the same advertising guidelines and models across all of a publisher’s mobile channels, including its mobile website, Instant Articles, and AMP.

“Being that most of our traffic is driven by social media, the solution Marfeel has delivered for easily getting up to speed with Facebook Instant Articles is a huge advantage,” says Richard Metzger, Publisher of the pop-culture website Dangerous Minds. “It’s allowed us to integrate Instant Articles into our mobile site simply and smoothly. And what’s more, it carries our existing monetization strategy over to Instant Articles, allowing us to avoid what otherwise would have been a painful process.”

Compatibility with Instant Articles enables publishers to distribute content directly from their websites and mobile apps using HTML and RSS feeds, automatically loading new and updated content via the feed as soon as it’s published on their websites. The Marfeel technology adds value to the process by allowing for a seamless, painless integration of Facebook’s new offering, providing publishers access to yet another distribution channel, increasing their content exposure to new audiences and allowing for a one-point-management of all channels. Monetization results are increased as well, since these efforts are managed through a central control point, and more users are exposed to the publishers’ content.

Although mobile users will now view content pulled from Facebook rather than a publisher’s mobile site (a change that’s invisible to the viewer), Instant Article views will be credited to the original site. This allows publishers to measure audience using their own analytics tools or other industry-standard analytics systems, with manual implementation by the publisher required. Marfeel’s new Instant Articles solution takes care of all tracking embedment issues as well, allowing publishers a full view of all performance and monetization efforts, across all channels, from one dashboard. In addition, Facebook says it will track aggregate activity, article reach and engagement, time spent viewing articles, scrolling, and engagement with photos and videos, and share that data with publishers.

Along with its current support for Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP technology, Marfeel will add support for Apple News with its next update. New clients interested in Marfeel’s Instant Article compatibility simply need to sign up for the Marfeel solution.

About Marfeel

Marfeel is an ad tech platform that revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize and monetize mobile websites. Marfeel’s proprietary technology analyzes publishers’ unique audience—user habits, behavior and usage patterns—and dynamically adjusts the mobile site layout to maximize readership, engagement, page views, loading time, and ultimately ad revenue. Marfeel’s exclusive partnerships with over 20,000 global ad networks and exchanges ensures top-paying ads from premium advertisers. Marfeel’s mobile website conversion and monetization solution has been recognized by Google, forming a strategic partnership with the search engine. Selected Marfeel customers include: MensHealth (FR), National Geographic (FR), Dennis Publishing (US/UK), Elle (MX), Cosmopolitan (RO), ABC (US) and PopSugar (US). Marfeel is backed by strategic investors Nauta Capital, BDMI and Elaia Partners.

To learn more about Marfeel, please visit www.marfeel.com.