Marfeel Team 2020-03-11

Marfeel becomes an official member of the IAB South Africa


We’re proud to announce our official membership of the South African Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The regulation of advertising has always focused on what advertisers can or can’t say. It rarely looks at how they say it. The unregulated rise of mobile content meant mobile advertising could be as disruptive and distracting as possible. So it fell to the industry to self-regulate. One of the leading lights in this regulation has always been the IAB and its localized organizations, such as the IAB South Africa.  The IAB South Africa is an independent, voluntary, non-profit association. Their mission is to build trust in the digital medium as a platform. They enable South African advertisers to reach and engage with their target audiences and ensure a sustainable and vibrant digital industry. Thanks to organizations like these, there are now guidelines and education for everyone in the digital advertising supply chain to follow. These regulations have helped create a better experience and a more sustainable industry—at every stage of the process.

Marfeel supporting publisher growth in South Africa

Since first partnering with our first client in the region, The South African, in 2017, Marfeel has maintained a strong relationship with the publishing industry in South Africa. Currently, 4 of the top 10 most popular sites (in terms of monthly page views) now publish with the Marfeel platform, including the second biggest publication in the country, part of the Arena Africa media group. The platform has enabled these publishers to accelerate the technological performance of their mobile websites. Through increased speed and performance, advanced programmatic technology, and multi-channel publishing, we've been able to help major publishers build their audiences and revenue, with sustainable and high-quality advertising.

Prior to our partnership, the majority of the South African’s audiences came from Facebook. Updates to the Facebook algorithm and issues with Facebook Instant Articles had a sudden and deep impact on their traffic. The partnerships with Marfeel allowed them to diversify their mobile traffic across multiple sources, keep readers engaged with faster experiences, and implement advertising that generated revenue without turning readers away. This work with The South African is now nominated for a Bookmark award in the Mobile content category. These awards aim to inspire and educate the industry about creative and high impact digital executions that deliver measurable results. Membership of the IAB South Africa will help us empower publishers to grow their audience and use
advertising to their advantage.
BookMark awards

Sharing knowledge and sharing missions

At Marfeel, we share many of the same goals as the IAB. It’s our mission to improve the mobile experience at every stage of the reader journey. How we treat advertising plays a huge role in this. 

The IAB South Africa helps to create guidelines on the highest standards of interactive advertising. They share knowledge through events, published research, and a code of conduct. Every resource helps publishers make their advertising more profitable and viable, without disrupting the reader experience.
By joining this organization, we’re able to stay up to date with updates to these standards, be part of the conversations that lead to changes in models, and get a real understanding of what issues our publishers in this area are facing.

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