Marfeel Team 2020-03-17

Marfeel becomes official members of IAB France


Partnering for better advertising standards, Marfeel is proud to announce that we are now official members of IAB France.

For Marfeel to help digital publishers expand their readership and their revenue, we need to know their industry. We need to know the challenges they face and how technology can help them overcome them. By becoming a member of IAB France, we are ensuring that we are always able to adopt the highest standards in advertising technology and meet the needs of publishers in France, and beyond.

IAB France develops industry standards, conducts research, and provides legal support for the online advertising industry. Our membership enables Marfeel to adopt these standards, implement new technology, and only work with the most trusted and respected advertisers.
We believe that better advertising forms part of a better user experience and will continue to develop technology to help publishers deliver it.

Marfeel publishing in France

Marfeel partners with over 800 publishers, including some of the biggest publishers in France,,, and
   Marfeel France 
Through publishing with our platform, these publishers are able to increase their speed, performance, reader engagement, and advertising revenue. Our membership with associations such as IAB France helps implement the highest standards of online advertising.

The mission of the IAB France

IAB France offers and promotes international standards in advertising and actively participates in the development value for advertisers and publishers with ultimate respect for the user. Through commissions and working groups, IAB France also contributes to the development and standardization of advertising tools, encouraging dialogue from all the stakeholders in the ecosystem. By sharing business issues and maintaining dialogue between the online advertising ecosystem, IAB France helps ensure a viable and profitable market for advertisers and publishers. Other members of IAB France include major advertising networks such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon Media Group. Marfeel is also official members of IAB Spain and IAB South Africa.

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