Marfeel Team 2019-05-22

Marfeel wins the José Manuel Lara Award from Cercle d'Economia


Marfeel has been awarded the José Manuel Lara Award for ambition and business purpose

At Marfeel, we set our goals based on the results we generate for our publishers. Once we reach a goal, we set a new one and keep looking for ways to improve. So occasionally, we like to pause for a moment to look back at where we started and celebrate some of the achievements and progress we’ve made as a company, and as a team. In this vein, we’re delighted to announce that Marfeel has been awarded the José Manuel Lara Award for ambition and business purpose from the Cercle d'Economia.

In this, the first edition of the award, the Jury has decided to recognize three companies Marfeel, Asti TechGroup, and Jeanology. This award is a recognition of companies that have made the transition from startup to a defined and long-term business project. Each company is rooted and well-established in their location, generates wealth and employment, and is committed to the development of their social and economic environment.

Our co-founder and COO of the technology, Juan Margenat, will receive the José Manuel Lara Award on May 30th, at the XXXV Círculo de Economía Meeting, held in Sitges. Juan told us that receiving the Cercle d'Economia award signifies, "Recognition by the business ecosystem of Marfeel’s home city", and a public celebration of the "inflection point" in our technology, which "has stopped being a startup and become a solid business project—without losing the dynamism of a digital native company".

 The award also serves to remember José Manuel Lara, former president of the Cercle d'Economia, and a purposeful and ambitious entrepreneur. He propagated the idea that an entrepreneur's obligation was to rely on growth and the creation of long-term value. More than 60 years ago he instilled these values into Jaume Vicens Vives and the other founders of the Cercle. These values led directly to the Cercle actively engaging with the collective welfare and the general progress of society, and rewarding businesses that did the same. José Manuel Lara Award for ambition and business purpose This recognition from the Cercle d'Economia marks a new milestone in the development of Marfeel.

It comes after becoming one of the only three Spanish companies to appear in the Financial Times Top 1000, named among the top 20 private companies in Barcelona, and listed in the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in Europe. We’d like to thank everyone involved and look forward to continuing to grow as a company, helping our publishers achieve their goals, and contributing the economic and social development of the Barcelona tech industry. If you’d like to learn more about Marfeel, you can read more about us here.

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