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Optimize. Engage. Monetize.

Revolutionizing the way publishers create, optimize and monetize their mobile websites. Marfeel’s proprietary technology gathers insightful data on user behavior and dynamically adjusts site layout to match usage patterns, optimizing user engagement and maximizing ad revenue.

360º Mobile Solution
Your mobile website is only the beginning of your digital requirements. The Marfeel solution is a dynamic one, providing a holistic, progressive platform, addressing all the latest developments in Mobile. One cross-channel mobile experience, one management system. Read more
Multi-screen user-engagement, with Responsive Design. For free.
App-like, sleek, mobile-native look & feel.
1 second loading time and full Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) compatibility; dramatically improves user experience and Google rankings. Discover how we make your mobile site blazingly fast
10x Faster
0.710 s
7.291 s
Average Top 10 US Newspapers
A floating, dynamic social sharing bar increases website engagement and discoverability. Read more about traffic acquisition with a coss-platform Strategy
Dynamic ad placement inserts ads when and where they really count, optimizing monetization results. Read more about how to boost your ad revenue
Dynamic floor-price settings, through Marfeel's fully-automated Supply Side Platform (SSP), 200-300% improvement in publisher monetization.
Full transparency and real-time analysis of website stats and user behavior through the Marfeel Insight Dashboard.
Marfeel is named a Google Certified Publishing Partner
Being recognized as experts on DoubleClick Ad Exchange, ad revenue optimization and mobile web development.
Marfeel is named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Mobile Marketing, 2016
Research recognizes the platform as innovative, impactful & intriguing
Optimized UX
Top Monetization $
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