Make your content accomplish your goals
One user at a time.
One experience at a time.
Never miss an opportunity to connect directly with your users again.

Instantly grow your email list, social followers or push notifications subscribers with a personalized yet, scalable strategy based on Flowcards.

Trigger relevant and tailored calls-to-action to segmented users with unique offers, sales campaigns, personalized messages, loyalty programs, feedback forms or sales call bookings.
Email registrations
CTR on call-to-actions

Grow your email list

Greet new visitors with a timely scroll-bounded widget that doesn’t disrupt the reading experience and actually converts.
Designed for those thinking strategically about owning their audience and building a deeper and more intimate relationship with them.  Also aimed at those balancing their rented audiences.

Grow your signups

Turn your email list and your most valuable users into customers with unique offers, sales campaigns, and personalized recommendations.
Target only the highest-intent audience and prevent annoying distractions for the rest.

Grow your social presence

Strengthen your social strategy to diversify your revenues and increase your reach. By creating embedded experiences you grow your followers and amplify your social content.
Selectively target users that come from social networks and avoid disturbing the rest with elements they most probably won't interact with.

Tailored calls-to-action

Make important announcements, highlight deals or offers, welcome new and returning visitors, or give critical delivery information.
And everything with a smooth user experience that doesn’t disturb the user and feels as good as it looks.

So personal it feels unique

Personalize the user experience to carefully segmented groups of users and maximize the results.
Nurture down users based on in-session behavioral and lifecycle user properties, contextual information, CDP data points or CRM data.

No code. No time

Use your hypotheses from existing analyses as a starting point to test experiences with any customer segment in no time.
Speed up your time to results without the need for technical skills.

Subscription Intelligence

Create personalized subscription experiences based on 100+ signals and touchpoints that help balance advertising and subscription models to maximize the value of every user.
Dynamic paywalls
Close stories based on user preferences and behavioural patterns based on the willingness to subscribe of each user.
Fight churn back
Take proactive on-page and off-page actions to retain users with decaying RFV. Act fast on subscribers at risk.


The art and science of conversions

Find drivers of conversion and retention so you can prioritise the right stories and provide data-based personalized experiences that work without work.
Uncover your best content
Uncover the stories, authors, sections, topics, channels, countries, campaigns or behaviours that are leading the most conversions on your site.
Find your best users
See what people do on your website, what are their habits, their commonalities and understand where and why users convert.
Unique goals for unique businesses
Track every goal of your business so you can see your content’s true influence over key metrics such as RFV, revenue, engagement and newsletter or paywalls registrations.
Every touchpoint counts
A conversion is not only the result of the last article a user visited but the outcome of a long user journey. Marfeel allows you to split the attribution amongst all the articles, authors, topics or sections a user has read since his first session.

Privacy by design and
by default

Power personalized experiences with
first-party data from your stack, from your data.

GDPR Compliant
Compliant with the most advanced privacy and security laws like GDPR, LGPD, CNIL, and CCPA.
Data Ownership
Be in full control with data ownership that protects your business and users' privacy without external influence.
IAB Compatible
Marfeel is fully-compatible with all IAB TCF 2.0 compliant CMPs out of the box.

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