Make every article count
Unleash the full potential of your content and increase its value by giving the answers that your teams need to make smarter decisions.
Relevant content with confidence
Create meaningful pieces of content that your readers want to read - without it being a guessing game.
No more wasted content
Identify the content that doesn’t contribute to your business results so that you can free up editorial resources to laser-focus on writing impactful content.
Spot blind spots
Pinpoint the top performing topics that grow your audience, fill your content gaps, and create content about underutilized topics.
Real time for real fast coverage
Update, republish and follow-up on stories when they still matter and identify new trends as they happen. Real value in real time.

Evergreen. Ever.

Discover the topics and hidden gems that pay off for evergreen content and plan for it. Monitor and update your positioned evergreen content.
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Channels. All of them.

Understand which of your sites, articles, sections, authors, topics and geos are performing best on search, social, direct or internal traffic. Google Discover and Dark Social included.
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Make the invisible visible

Amplify the content your readers love, but has little exposure. Make it more noticeable with Marfeel Flowcards.

What else?

Increase your reach discovering related topics and keywords with search intentionality.


Speak the language search
engines understand. Correctly.

Real time check-in
Guarantee effective results executing 128+ specialized checks in real time on every article.
Structured Data
Keep structure data types in check in real time and over time.
Ranking Protection
Prevent technical SEO bugs that take weeks to recover the traffic.
Be alerted of any issue before Google notices it on release.


Speed and search go hand in hand. Be fast or be ignored.

Outrank your competition with a performant user experience.
Because there's no rest
Continually test Core Web Vitals on every real user, on every release, in real time regardless of your CMS.
Fix it before it hurts
Don’t put your traffic at risk and fix any performance regression even before Google notices it.
We know it's hard
Debug hard to find issues drilling down unsampled real user CWV data by location, device, browser, OS and even URL precision. In real time, obviously.
Correlate speed impact
Correlate the impact of speed on UX and business metrics, including audience, engagement, conversion and monetization.

Privacy by design and
by default

Power personalized experiences with
first-party data from your stack, from your data.

GDPR Compliant
Compliant with the most advanced privacy and security laws like GDPR, LGPD, CNIL and CCPA.
Data Ownership
Be in full control with data ownership that protects your business and users' privacy without external influence.
IAB Compatible
Marfeel is fully-compatible with all IAB TCF 2.0 compliant CMPs out of the box.

Let's Marfeel. Let's Pro.

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