# Getting Started

This section explains Caching Systems at Marfeel, how they are integrated into the platform, and how to configure them.

Use this guide to quickly get up to speed, learning all necessary concepts regarding caching, CDN, and related configurations.


Find in the glossary important definitions of concepts used across the section.

  1. Overview: Learn about the Caching System's global picture and where the MarfeelCDN fits in.

  2. Fastly: Find out how the CDN provider Marfeel uses works and discover its benefits.

  3. MarfeeelCDN configuration: Learn how to customise MarfeelCDN according to each tenants' needs.

  4. Cache headers: Understand how to configure caching policies using HTTP cache headers.

  5. MarfeelCDN request flow: Check how the request flow changes after activation, which sanity checks should be done and related alarms.

# CDN Wizard

The CDN Wizard is a step by step interactive guide to successfully activate CDN, dig into its dedicated article to learn all steps necessary for activating MarfeelCDN in a tenant.

# Hands-On

  1. Common issues: Learn how to troubleshoot the most common problems related to CDN.

  2. Mapping: Learn how to map your computer to the CDN or the tenant's origin and why is it useful.

  3. Cached content: Check if the content delivered is fresh or is cached at any of the cache layers.

  4. Reduce server load: Learn how can Marfeel reduce the load on the tenants' servers to prevent overloads.