# Getting Started

In this section dedicated to Marfeel Platform, you will find information about the processes involved in Marfeelizing a website, from content extraction to HTML transformation.

Use this guide to quickly find what you need, or as a reading guide to go through the most relevant articles.


Find in the glossary important definitions of concepts used across the section.

  1. Overview: Get a general idea of what Marfeel's backend processes are.

  2. Learn the actors involved in content extraction:

  1. Check which events trigger content extraction.

  2. Learn about the main configuration file for tenant customization, definition.json.

# Hands-On

  1. Whitecollar Common issues: Find out how to troubleshoot the most common problems related to Whitecollar.

  2. Image troubleshooting: Check all configuration options for images.

  3. Debug article extraction: Learn how to debug MarfeelBoilerpipe.

  4. Extraction configuration: Check the options to extract tenant's content and how to configure them.

  5. Article and Content Group Order: Learn how items can be ordered in a section page.