# Overview

CMP is a consent-management platform.

Consent management is a process that allows websites to meet the official regulatory requirements regarding consent collection (eg. there are GDPR in EU, CCPA in California, LGPD in Brazil and most probably new norms will be arising in the upcoming years). Examples of features provided by CMPs:

  • Displaying consent pop-ups and widgets to users
  • Collecting and storing information about visitor consent decisions, and keeping records of changes thereof
  • Forming a consent string with information on a user´s choices which is included in each ad request

On the market, there are companies specializing in providing CMPs, such as Quantcast (opens new window) or Didomi (opens new window).

# Value of CMP

The CPM that advertisers are willing to pay for an impression with consent is much higher than for a one without consent.

Compliance with government regulations is mandatory and can end up in fines and bans.

So a good CMP should have a UX that triggers most users to give full consent as well as do not make them bounce and at the same time comply with each official requirement from government and IAB.

# Marfeel's CMP

As of now, Marfeel's CMP (opens new window) is compliant with TCFv2.0 (opens new window) and CCPA (opens new window) specifications. We have slightly different UIs for CMP in touch and AMP due to additional specific requirements for the AMP version. For example, it can occupy no more than 30% of the screen.

We have CMP now in more than 19 languages, you can find all of them in MarfeelXP (opens new window).

# Playground

You can run all the available versions of the CMP from the demo page (opens new window).