# Commenting Systems Extension Point

A commenting system allows publishers to keep their visitors engaged and receive direct feedback from their content.

Marfeel has a set of existing extensions for common commenting systems. See the catalog to find all the available providers that are supported by Marfeel. Those providers can be configured directly in MarfeelStudio.

If a site uses a provider that is not supported by default in Marfeel, a new commenting system extension can be created.

# Collapsable Comments

Comment embeds can overload a screen and prevent recirculation by obstructing the features that encourage users to keep exploring a publication.

By default, all of Marfeel's comments extensions have a collapsable behavior. This delivers the "next articles" preview to users sooner and maximizes the probability to keep them browsing the site.

Any custom extension can leverage this feature.


To disable the default collapse behavior use the preloadComments flag in definition.json

Collapsed comments

# Extracted commenting systems

The most common commenting system providers can be detected by Marfeel's extraction process, removing the need for any configuration. Commenting systems detected by MarfeelBoilerpipe do not require any additional information in the comments.json or the definition.json files.


To remove an unwanted commenting system from a tenant add "commentingSystem": "ignore"in the "features"object of the tenant's definition.json.


  "title":"Title of the awesome example site",
        "commentingSystem": "ignore"

Read about detectors in the dedicated article.

# Authentication

Marfeel's commenting systems don't offer authentication functionalities. Custom implementations can handle login by redirecting to the classic version.