# Overview

MarfeelStudio is Marfeel's no-code platform, and the best tool for citizen developers to take control of their Marfeel site.

Each panel in MarfeelStudio is directly connected with the Marfeel source: actions in the UI write code in the Git site repository.

Anything started by a citizen developer in MarfeelStudio can be continued by a fullstack developer directly in the source code. Reciprocally, a provider integrated to Marfeel by a fullstack developer becomes instantly available in MarfeelStudio for usage on any site. Finally, when a designer applies changes on a Marfeel site through Figma, those changes are immediately visible in MarfeelStudio.

# Saving in MarfeelStudio

All panels in MarfeelStudio have a "Save" button. This button doesn't only save customizations, but it also triggers Marfeel's continuous integration pipeline. This means that changes are deployed to the site's live environment right away. On the other hand, leaving a page with unsaved modifications discards them.

Every saved action taken in MarfeelStudio is visible in the site's code repository as a Git commit. This makes all actions traceable: everyone with access to the code repository can see whose account performed an action in MarfeleStudio, and know exactly when. Git commits have a place in history: we can read them as part of all the changes applied to a site repository, determining exactly what has been done before and since a change.

# MarfeelStudio panels

This is all the panels available in MarfeelStudio:

  • Look & feel

    Use the Look & Feel page to apply global branding changes, such as colors for the whole site.

  • Sections

    Use the Sections page to determine what goes in the site's menu, and customize the home section.

  • Metrics providers

    Configure existing and new metrics providers in this page.

  • Ad Inventory

    The Ad Inventory is a powerful tool to explore an existing inventory configuration or create a new one.

  • Commenting system providers

    Configure a site-wide commenting system in this panel.

  • Social networks

    Choose how readers share articles, and configure your site's social network accounts in those pages.

  • PWA

    Activate Marfeel PWA if you don't have it already, or configure its look & feel if you do.

  • Ads.txt

    The Ads.txt manager lets you verify the content of the ads.txt file and warns of any missing line.

  • CDN Wizard

    Activate MarfeelCDN with the wizard.