# Marfeel extensibility

Marfeel provides the concept of extensions to contribute functionality to a certain type of API or extension point.


In the documentation we will refer to Extensions, Providers and Plugins as synonyms.

These extensions and extension points are defined through a "configuration over code" philosophy via different json files.

The Marfeel SDK provides tools to create, develop, test, debug, build, deploy and configure Marfeel Plugins and Extensions following best practices and architectural patterns that guarantee:

  • High performance. Speed matters and instant is the ideal.
  • Multi channel strategy. Build applications once and run them as PWA, AMP, Native applications, Facebook Instant Articles or Apple News without multiple tools and code bases.
  • Full control and fully customisable

# Extension Points

The Marfeel SDK offers a myriad of extension points based on the features or functionalities they extend. The supported extension points are classified as: